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White Paper Preface

  • Essence of Blockchain
  • Because blockchain is an important future technology industry, more human resources and capital are flocking to it as time goes by. In this new technology field, lay people or even those involved in this industry often find it difficult to define and distinguish blockchain. Blockchain is a new invention for data transmission, and tokens or coins derived therefrom serve as a tool fundamentally for exchanging values between people and people. Coins or tokens operate as promised by people atop the framework of blockchain regarding the feature of the value exchange method. Depending on the promise, coins or tokens, i.e., digital assets, can become shares of the company, become points for users to use directly on the business platform, or have both features simultaneously. Of course, like Bitcoin, it can also act as one of the new ways of storing value. What's important is that the complexity of establishing the concept of blockchain comes from the rules set by people as it operates. The essence of blockchain lies in the exchange of value.

  • Blockchain and Business
  • We have to keep in mind that it takes much more time to accept and use technology social institutionally and cognitively than the speed of its development, and that only platforms, where blockchain technology levels and regulations have the minimum effects and where digital assets are naturally used and operated, will survive in the future. Numerous digital asset projects have overlooked this, and have simply considered ICOs as an easy way to raise funds, forcing to use digital assets in business models which are not suitable for digital assets. And most of those projects are quickly disappearing. Digital assets cannot exist without blockchain technology, but blockchain technology can be used even without digital assets. Digital assets have to be applied and operated where they are needed.